Look out your window and what do you see? Beauty and life destruction and chaos. We are searching for the answers and so we have the question. What is the question? What is the Matrix? The world that you have been born into. The substance, the surrounding that has molded and shaped who you are. That which

has blinded you from the truth.

That you are a slave, a prisoner of your mind. A slave of fear, stress, life’s uncertainties, the unknown, the past and the future. This book reveals how to free ourselves from the matrix that’s keeping us in bondage.

Free from poverty, sickness and so on. Imagine a world within a chaotic world living in harmony, peace, joy, health, success and life in its fullness. Learn the secret the key in unlocking the door to life and freedom. Welcome to the new reality!

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Do not settle for the status quo. Do not settle for mediocracy. Do not accept negative thoughts or reports. Do not go through life and simply exist, like you are just taking up space. Same old same old. Same routine day in and day out. Like the song, “que sera sera.” You only get to live once, make the best of it.


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Enjoy and enter the new reality.


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About Vince

I lost my mom when I was eight years old. She died of leukemia at a young age. From there my life took on a detour and the roller coaster ride began. We were a family of six, three boys, one girl, my mom and my dad. After she passed away our family split up. My dad wasn’t strong enough to support us. My older brother remained with him and my sister, my other brother and myself went hopping from one family to another and that was short lived. Then from there my sister was adopted by another family and my brother and I ended up in a boy’s home living with about two hundred kids. And that alone is another story.