About the Book

It is amazing when we think about this world that we live in. It is only one world and yet so many different beliefs and so many different perceptions. We are more estranged then ever before. It’s like living in a parallel world politically, religiously, and the list goes on. We would think by now with all the technology that is at our disposal in the knowledge of health, success and so on that we would be such a people and yet.


This is a nonfiction book that describes our present situation, where we live and what we have become. The reality that we are caught up in a cocoon called “The Matrix.” The curse that lingers over this world. It’s where all our hang-ups and problems are stored, like software in a computer.


The matrix, the surrounding that we have received since birth that has shaped and molded who we are emotionally. It talks about the conception of the matrix. Where it originated and how it has controlled us ever since. How it has made us slaves, prisoners of our mind and our emotions.

This book shows us the root of the problem and the way out. How we can free ourselves from the matrix and experience true freedom. It’s about being happy, successful, healthy, dying of old age and knowing where we came from and where we are going. Leaving the old reality that has enslaved us and enjoying the new reality that brings true freedom.

Learn the secret, the key in unlocking the door to life and freedom.